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L:スウィートローズ ハニーサックル、ハニカム





■Fabric mist is a daily miscellaneous product that allows you to enjoy the scent while deodorizing fabric products in your home. Please refrain from using it for any other purpose, such as spraying it directly on your skin.

■When spraying, please use a distance of 20 to 30 cm from the object. In rare cases, stains may appear if the distance is close.

■Store it upright, avoiding direct sunlight, high temperatures, high humidity, and places exposed to fire.

■Please do not place it within the reach of children or in areas with large temperature differences.

■There is no expiration date, but the condition of the contents may change after a long period of time. Please use as soon as possible after opening.


■About delivery

Shipping fee: flat rate 500 yen

■Estimated delivery date

We will ship within 2-3 days after receiving your order.

The product will arrive the day after it is shipped.
*Depending on your area, it may take around a week. (Hokkaido, Kyushu region, Okinawa, etc.)
*Delivery may be delayed due to natural disasters, bad weather, etc.

■Delivery date of reserved products

Orders placed before 16:00 the day before the release date → Shipment on the same day of release Orders placed after 16:00 the day before the release date → Same system as standard delivery date guideline

■Designation of delivery address

Your ordered product will be delivered at the post office to the address you specified on the delivery address input screen. (Delivery destination is only within Japan, not to PO Boxes). Only one delivery address can be specified for each order. You cannot specify multiple delivery addresses at once.

*Note: We are not responsible for any damage or loss of products during shipping.
If the customer does not receive the ordered item due to the customer's convenience, if the delivery company does not receive the item even after the storage period has passed, or if the item is not delivered due to any other reason attributable to the customer, at that time We will cancel it.


If you would like to return or exchange a product, please contact us within 7 days of receiving the product. At that time, we ask that you explain the condition of the item when it arrived and attach a photo that shows the condition.

If we confirm that the product is initially defective or that you have received a product different from the one you ordered, we will exchange it for a non-defective product. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will continue to improve the initial defects, so we apologize for any inconvenience. Please note that in this case, we will bear the shipping costs.
For inquiries, please contact us here
*Please note that we cannot accept exchanges if any of the following apply.
・If more than 8 days have passed since the product arrived. ・If the product shows signs of being used. ・If some parts or accessories are missing when returning the product.